Building, pushing & releasing your countryconfig code

When you merge any pull request into the develop branch, or if you explicitly run the "Publish image to Dockerhub" Gthub Action, a docker container image will be built and pushed to Dockerhub.

Now that you have configured repository secrets for Dockerhub access, you will notice that this action can be successfully run.

If you look at the logs for each build, you can see the image tag associated with the Docker container image. You use this tag to test deployments in development by using the deploy action explained later.

Publishing a release

If you want to use release management to keep track of your completed, production ready deployments - which is strongly recommended, we provide an example "Publish release" Github Action.

This action will create an issue which your Github admins are required to approve. Once approved, a Git release will be created and an officially tagged release image will be built on Dockerhub.

Change the highlighted Git usernames from us, to your repo admins in the .github/workflows/publish-release.yml order to take advantage of this process.