7.1 Pre-Deployment Checklist

Pre-Deployment Checklist

We provide you with the pre-deployment checklist Excel file that you must complete before going live in your country. The points are explained in this video.


As you have probably gathered from the server configuration section, some additional tooling is required to be paid for. These costs are negligble and support your installation with a secure code repository, bug tracking systems, alerting and forensic analysis.

The Ongoing-Costs Excel sheet outlines the ownerhsip, status and costs and helps you project manage the provisioning of these tools. They are explained in this video.

Data Security Framework

The purpose of this document is to provide organisations with:

  • An understanding of data security and privacy risks.

  • An understanding of the technical steps taken in OpenCRVS to mitigate against these risks.

  • A guidance framework for the development of context-specific data security policies and procedures that should be designed and introduced by a government that has chosen to install OpenCRVS and digitise their civil registration system.

  • Security guidance for project managers and all staff involved on a temporary or continual basis in the following stages of an OpenCRVS project: a) design & implementation b) monitoring & maintenance and c) day-to-day usage of OpenCRVS.

Make sure that this document is shared with key stakeholders.

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