OpenCRVS Value Proposition

Our vision is that every person on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth.

While this value may speak for itself, detailed below is further explanation of the different value that OpenCRVS provides our diverse community.

Why are governments choosing OpenCRVS?

  1. No license fees or ties to specific vendors; these have been two of the biggest challenges for governments who have digitised their CRVS systems to date

  2. Quickly configurable for the country context; they don't need to wait years for a system to be built before understanding whether it is fit for purpose

  3. Local teams can be trained to configure, deploy and maintain the system

  4. The country owns their instance of the system, their data, and they can host it where they want - they have choice

  5. Join a global community - countries can learn from other countries’ experiences and benefit from each others investments

  6. The system provides standards based integration with ID, health and social protection systems, allowing countries to unlock the real value of civil registration

  7. High levels of performance for even the largest populations

  8. The system is built to the highest security standards and is regularly penetration tested, giving countries peace of mind

  9. Receive free upgrades, technical support and training on an ongoing basis

Why are System Integrators choosing to implement OpenCRVS?

  1. OpenCRVS is highly configurable and can be used to respond to RFPs around the world, instead of building something from scratch

  2. The core product is centrally maintained and supported, meaning lower cost to serve

  3. OpenCRVS is the only Digital Public Good for CRVS - increasingly a characteristic requested in RFPs

  4. The OpenCRVS organisation provide access to business development materials and a community of CRVS experts to build knowledge and capacity

  5. Benefit from ongoing product development and research led by the OpenCRVS organisation

Why are Development Partners supporting OpenCRVS?

  1. Contributes to strategic development outcomes and targets e.g. SDG 16.9 "Everyone has the right to a legal identity, including birth registration"

  2. OpenCRVS can be used as part of an integrated programme that contributes measurable positive impact in line with their objectives

  3. OpenCRVS is a standardised, rights-based product that can simplify CRVS strengthening efforts around the world

  4. OpenCRVS complies with UN standards

  5. The system has been designed with civil registration users and customers around the world and responds to the needs of countries in low-resource settings

  6. Empowers countries to build capacity and have ownership over the system in the long-term

  7. The ever growing OpenCRVS community creates a global CRVS community that fosters peer-to-peer learning and shared investments