Prepare source file for health facilities

Prepare your health-facilities source file. This is a csv file for every health facility where births and deaths occur in your country. You can import and create csv files in Excel or Google Drive.

Using our health-facilities.csv file as an example, update it with the Health facility information for your country - do not move the file from this location. Our health-facilities.csv file looks like this:



Chamakubi Health Post




Ibombo Rural Health Centre




Chikobo Rural Health Centre




Chilochabalenje Health Post



Each row will represent a unique "Health facility" in your country.

Do not change or re-format the header row as the seeding process requires these names to be precise in order to parse the csv. Do not use commas in any cell and do not have any empty rows.

The id column is a unique identifier for each health facility. This could be a unique identifier you already use or alternatively you could create unique identifiers programatically, using Excel or using an online UUID generator website for which there are many free ones available. It is important to note that the statisticalID must contain no spaces, special characters or commas

This Excel / Google Sheets formula creates a random unique ID:

=DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0, 4294967295), 8)

The name column contains the human readable name for the health facility. We do not currently support multilingual names for the health facility. It is important to note that the name must contain no commas

The partOf column shows that the health facility is part of a higher level administrative division. Notice how we use the admin<level>Pcode to set the health facility as a child of a particular parent district. For example Chamakubi Health Post district is a child of Ibombo district thanks to this partOf value. Perhaps you may also recognise that these form part of FHIR Reference URLs hence the requirement for them to be absent of spaces and special characters:

  • The locationType column must be set to HEALTH_FACILITY