Our values

As you join the OpenCRVS community, we request that you collaborate in the spirit of our joint values.

Better together

We know that the impact of our combined efforts is greater than any individual effort alone. That’s why we are passionate community builders, creating spaces where diverse opinions and voices come together too create smart solutions.

We nurture meaningful partnerships built on mutual trust and friendship and grounded in a shared vision of the future.

Open, always

We have an open attitude, ready to work on each new challenge with optimism and a fresh perspective.

We are radically transparent, openly sharing our ideas, our designs, our tools, and our code.

We are open-minded and curious. We actively listen to others then take action with integrity.

Because we care

We work hard because we believe profoundly in our mission.

We care deeply about the quality of our product and its implementation, knowing that it will profoundly affect people’s lives.

We act with purpose and determination because we know that time is running out to ensure we leave no one behind.

Product councils

The product council includes countries using OpenCRVS and industry experts. The OpenCRVS Core team consults the product council to develop new OpenCRVS functionality by running virtual workshops. Together we explore the requirements for new features such as a Public Portal - so that a solution can be developed that suites all countries. Contact if you want to be notified of upcoming product council sessions

Are you a system implementor developing a new feature and want to engage the product council? Lets us know!

Join the community

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