Understanding CRVS

Provides useful links to documentation about CRVS

Before considering to build a CRVS system using OpenCRVS it is important to understand the business domain. There is a lot of helpful material that explains what CRVS is and how it should work and this section highlights a number of useful references. Take the time to review the domain specific material below before proceeding with an implementation of OpenCRVS.

CRVS ReferenceDescriptionLink

(UN) Handbook on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems: Management, Operation and Maintenance

An exhaustive reference of administrative arrangements, operational functions, quality, interoperability and digitisation of civil registration and vital statistics systems

The Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Digitisation Guidebook (CRVS-DGB)

An online resource that provides step-by-step guidance for countries to plan, analyse, design and implement digitized systems and automated processes for CRVS