8. Operational Support

Ongoing management and maintenance of the solution is critical to ensure its continued successful operation.

Set up the following tiers of support, as relevant in the country of operation:

  1. Level 0: self-service options. Develop appropriate self-service options for end-users. This might be a paper handbook, an online chatbot that answers simple questions or online support materials that users can look up themselves. Update these generic User Support Materials with details of the country configuration for use in any of these channels.

  2. Level 1: first line support. Define and operationalise a mechanism by which users can raise any issues or questions that they have not been able to resolve themselves, by consulting User Support Materials. This mechanism should be easy to use for the User i.e. Whatsapp, email, or another instant communication tool. By using a ticket tracking tool e.g. Zendesk you can easily track issues to resolution and also identify patters in user issues that can inform follow-up training or an improvement in user-support materials.

  3. Level 2: technical support. Your management and maintenance team will be required to make basic technical fixes that can not be resolved through level 1 support through the service desk.

  4. Level 3: expert support. For issues that can't be resolved by level 2 support i.e. bug / technical fixes to the core product, these will be escalated to expert support to ensure that it can be fixed and an upgrade pushed to all instances.

If you require support with any level of operational support, please reach out to team@opencrvs.org to discuss how we can support you.

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