Product Roadmap

Product features on our radar
A list of potential functionality that will be included in the next release is listed below. Scope will be determined based on requirements from reference implementations and other requests. Get in touch via [email protected] to join the Product Council and specify your priority features.
  • Marriage and divorce registration flows
  • Foetal death registration flow
  • Web portal for direct public services
  • Certified copy application flow
  • Verify a record (API)
  • Verify a certificate (via QR code)
  • Vital statistics export
  • Printed performance management reports
  • Advanced configuration of forms, certificates, application settings and communications (during live operations)
  • Advanced deduplication
  • Integrated payments
  • Delegated authority
  • Validation overrides and approval (where outside normal bounds)
  • Integrated learning modules
  • Legacy data import support (digital / paper)
  • Person centric views of vital events data
  • Social protection system interoperability
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