OpenCRVS Docs 1.1


OpenCRVS provides flexible interoperability options via OpenHIM, FHIR and a Webhooks microservice
Choose how you would like to interoperate with OpenCRVS:
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    OpenHIM tracks and exposes events and documents as FHIR. You can access these events directly via authenticated API integrations to OpenHIM, following the documentation.
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    Subscribe to the OpenCRVS Webhooks microservice.
You perform any data manipulation or conversion that you may need using small custom microservices called Mediators.

MOSIP Example

A technical proof of concept mediator that exposes civil registration events via a Webhook to the MOSIP - the Modular Open Source Identity Platform is documented on MOSIP's documentation website here.
This integration represents A FHIR-standardised approach to ensuring that a birth registration directly creates a National ID number with optional biometrics. This interoperability ensures that the legal identity established at birth is then utilised as a foundational identity to access other services (e.g. health, education, financial inclusion, passport, mobile phone etc.) and to ensure that we leave no one behind.