4.2.8 Seeding & clearing your local databases

Seeding your local databases

Now that your source files are prepared, you are ready to "seed" your OpenCRVS database with data.

  1. Ensure that OpenCRVS is running, including your countryconfig server by following the instructions in: 3.1.3 Starting and stopping OpenCRVS.

  2. Open a new Terminal window and cd inside opencrvs-core:

cd opencrvs-core
  1. Run the following command

yarn seed:dev

Now that your database has been seeded, you have completed the country configuration and you can log in to OpenCRVS! Proceed to the next step to learn more about some of the important API endpoints exposed by the running countryconfig service.

Clearing your local databases

During development, you may wish to clear your local database so that you can seed it again with new files.

  1. Ensure that opencrvs-core is running.

  2. Open a new terminal window and cd into your opencrvs-core directory

  3. Run the following command:

yarn db:clear:all

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