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Core functions

Overview of core functions
OpenCRVS Specifications 1.3 For a comprehensive understanding of the features of OpenCRVS, please refer to the complete product specification, which can be found in the OpenCRVS Specifications v1.3 excel document
​Notify event​
User or external system sends a vital event notification to an assigned office. The notification appears in the 'In Progress' workqueue for follow-up and completion.
User completes declaration form in an office or roaming (mobile) and either sends for review or registers it
​Validate event​
User reviews submitted declaration form against supporting documents
​Register event​
User registers vital event
​Print certificate​
User prints certificate
​Issue certificate​
User issues a certificate
User searches and retrieves a vital event record
​View record​
User views a record
​Correct record​
User corrects a record, providing a reason for the correction
​Verify record​
User is able to verify the existence of a birth record and see relevant details
​Archive record​
User archives a record
User is able to view vital statistics data and download in required format