Intro to Farajaland

Provides details of the OpenCRVS default configuration

Farajaland is a fictitious country used to illustrate how OpenCRVS is specifically designed to meet the needs of typical low-resource settings. The OpenCRVS demos are built around the needs of this country, which reflect a variety of real-life contexts from around the world.

  • Farajaland acts as the default configuration. The OpenCRVS product works "out of the box" so that functionality can be quickly demonstrated and explored, based on the needs of the Farajaland context.

  • The Farajaland configuration illustrates a number of new service delivery models, which have the potential to strengthen CRVS systems and improve key performance indicators, such as completeness rates, quality of vital events data etc.

Take time to become familiar with Farajaland and its requirements for a digital CRVS system. This will help you to understand how to configure OpenCRVS based on your own needs.

Background on Farajaland

  • A small country in sub-Saharan African with a population of approx. 2m people.

  • Farajaland is organised into Provinces and Districts as shown on the Farajaland map below.

  • Many areas are rural with a low population density.

  • There is good mobile phone connectivity in the urban areas but in rural areas it is very poor.

  • A number of different local languages are spoken in Farajaland but in the North the common language is English and in the South it is French.

  • The currency used is the US dollar.

  • Farajaland has a National ID card and this is used to prove the identity of adults over 18 years of age.

Map of Farajaland