v1.3.1: Release notes


OpenCRVS v1.3.1 is a minor release which includes a hot-fix to the previous OpenCRVS v1.3.0 release. It is to be used in conjunction with a forked country configuration release v1.3.1

Non breaking hotfixes

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    In some countries, informant phone numbers are not captured in the form as the chosen method of beneficiary comms is Email. Therefore the search component in the UI should not offer the option to search by phone number. Now the search UI will dynamically check if either informant email or informant phone number is included in the forms and show "Email" as a searchable parameter in search in place of "Phone" where necessary
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    The FHIR Location API now contains query validation. This is an important security improvement.
  3. 3.
    It is now possible to add signatures for Registration Agents which can appear on the certificates.
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    A collection of bugfixes and minor improvements have also been introduced as outlined in the changelog below
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    Certificate handlebars now enable custom formatting via offering the possibility to create custom helper functions. An endpoint exists in the country config repository to load in handlebar helper functions. These must be common JS functions with no library dependencies. A basic example is given. Thanks to this discussion:
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    Dashboard configuration is now possible in Metabase without the requirement to fork Core. A new endpoint exists in the country config repository to load in a customisable query to populate the performance database and additionally, the Metabase .sql file can be customised to allow any UI change required.
  7. 7.
    Crude birth rates were mistakenly halved in order to calculate male/female gender disaggregation in performance metrics. Crude birth rate is a ratio that is the same for both sexes. A database migration automatically recalculates and updates all crude birth rates to the correct value.

Breaking hotfixes

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    A new environment variable must be added to Github Actions during deployment: CONTENT_SECURITY_POLICY_WILDCARD. This is supplied to the clients and nginx config like this: *. and ensures that the format of your domain can be configurable. Previously it was hardcoded in nginx to assume that hostname is the domain name concatenating beyond a dot separated subdomain. Resolved in:

What's Changed

  • Release v1.1.2 by @euanmillar in
  • Hotfix v1.1.2 by @euanmillar in
  • Release v1.2.0 by @euanmillar in
  • Hotfix v1.2.1 by @euanmillar in
  • Ocrvs 6031 Show correct button for certified declarations by @tahmidrahman-dsi in
  • Ocrvs 5795 - search by email by @Nil20 in
  • ocrvs-6063 query validation for location endpoint by @Zangetsu101 in
  • Ocrvs 5793 Cameroon improvements by @tahmidrahman-dsi in
  • Ocrvs 6021 - in progress declaration data fix by @Nil20 in
  • Ocrvs 5794 - configurable signature for different users by @Nil20 in
  • signature row fix for create user by @Nil20 in
  • Fix deps vulnerabilities by @tahmidrahman-dsi in
  • Requirements for Niue by @euanmillar in
  • OCRVS 6085: Configurable handlebar helpers by @euanmillar in
  • Ocrvs 5994 - list for certificator collector and correction requester by @Nil20 in
  • Add registration location to email as a variable by @euanmillar in
  • Add core support for configurable death event by @tahmidrahman-dsi in
  • Add support for passing intl and other context variables to custom handlebar helpers by @rikukissa in
  • Replace hard coded messages by @tahmidrahman-dsi in
  • Fix nginx config paths in client Dockerfiles by @rikukissa in
  • Configurable domains & whitelist by @euanmillar in
  • Id verifier and collector form fix by @Nil20 in
  • Skip decorative types when checking for unknowns by @Zangetsu101 in
  • Fix crude birth rates & pass performance metrics as a Float to 2 decimal places to support small populations by @euanmillar in
  • ocrvs-6126 Introduce a new handlebar "printInAdvance" by @Zangetsu101 in
  • feat(v1.3.1): allow configuring dashboard queries from country config by @naftis in
  • ocrvs-6080 Handle empty deceased/child resource in search by @Zangetsu101 in
  • ocrvs-6147 Support single location level in verify certificate by @Zangetsu101 in
  • Fix death reg notification and copy amend on review page by @euanmillar in
  • Fix mother / father details getting mixed up when informant type is changed by @rikukissa in
  • OCRVS-6022: Allow null values for user mobile and emailForNotification when creating users but still check for uniqueness by @euanmillar in
  • Fetch certificate configuration from country config by @Zangetsu101 in
  • ocrvs-6080 Initialize object before setting value by @Zangetsu101 in