v1.3.3: Release notes


OpenCRVS v1.3.3 is a patch release which includes a hotfix to the previous OpenCRVS v1.3.2 release. It is to be used in conjunction with a forked country configuration release v1.3.3

Breaking Changes

Manually migrating the certificates to explicitly use the "location" handlebar helper would be required when upgrading

New features

Location certificate handlebars have been update so that they now use ids with a helper to access other properties of the FHIR Location object such as "alias", allowing locations in different languages to be possible on a certificate:

{{location districtPlaceofbirthId 'name'}}


A bug has been fixed in seeding of locations which occurred when 10000s+ of locations were seeded.

Metabase has been upgraded to resolve this zero-day security problem: https://www.assetnote.io/resources/research/advisory-metabase-pre-auth-rce-cve-2023-38646

What's Changed

  • ocrvs-6363 create new handlebars for admin level location ids by @Zangetsu101 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6383

  • fix(v1.3.3): Stop Sentry being spammed with Unauthorised and similar errors by @naftis in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6444

  • Filter PII out of logger messages by @naftis in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6468

  • update password copy to suggest a 12 character long passphrase by @naftis in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6461

  • Update message in dev.sh by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6495

  • update migration of indexing email and phone field by @Nil20 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6493

  • Allow occupation to be an optional field for deceased by @Zangetsu101 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6491

  • [OCRVS-6124] Fix locations seeding when there are many locations by @tahmidrahman-dsi in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6399

  • [OCRVS-6202] Fix for national id type search not showing in search dropdown by @tahmidrahman-dsi in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6528

  • Upgrade metabase version by @tahmidrahman-dsi in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6510

  • ocrvs-6517 Handle absence of informant section by @Zangetsu101 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6518

  • Fix search bar copy by @tahmidrahman-dsi in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6532

  • Ocrvs 6490 Fix deceased birth date format issue by @tahmidrahman-dsi in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6531

  • ocrvs-6469 Allow optional middleName to be included in forms by @Zangetsu101 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6477

  • Allow configurable location levels in config validator by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6533

  • filter unassigned data with an additional action by @Nil20 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6522

Full Changelog: https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/compare/v1.3.2...v1.3.3

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