v1.2.1: Release notes

OpenCRVS v1.2.1 is a minor release which includes a hot-fix to the previous OpenCRVS v1.2.0 release.

It is to be used in conjunction with a forked country configuration release v1.2.1

Non breaking hotfixes

  1. In some countries, mobile phone numbers do not start with a zero ("0") after the country code has been removed. Previously OpenCRVS had hardcoded a zero to append to all mobile numbers. Now we use this library to convert to and from MSISDN to local number format. Fix local - international - local phone number transformations by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/5143

  2. There were 2 bugs in our Ansible script which are resolved by this hotfix. a) The only way to change the disksize of the encrypted partition would be to amend the opencrvs-core playbook. You can now pass a parameter "encrypted_disk_size" which can be set to something like "200g" to ensure that the encrypted disk partition is optimised for your server. Choose approximately 80% of your available diskspace. b) The encrypted disk partition takes some time to create, especially if it is large. Previously Ansible did not wait for completion before proceeding to the next step. This caused an issue where the de-crypt on restart script in this repo decrypt.sh was not applied to the server. Additionally the option to decide to not encrypt the disk has been removed. You must now encrypt the disk and the Ansible variable "encrypt_data=True|False" is deprecated. To pick up this fix, run the Ansible commands again. Force disk encryption and add encrypted_disk_size param for Ansible by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/5144

  3. Fix to informants address submission. Address lines in informant were nullified, causing GraphQL submission to fail. Informant address has nullable fields causing GraphQL error by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/5138

  4. Improvement to add informant type as a certificate handlebar. Add informant type handlebar and localise handlebars by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/5140

Full Changelog: https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/compare/v1.2.0...v1.2.1

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