Interoperability roadmap

OpenCRVS has been technically architected from conception to interoperate with other systems. The following outlines the interoperability achievements in previous releases along with the roadmap of future releases planned in 2023/2024.

OpenCRVS interoperates out-the-box using the FHIR standard as JSON. The FHIR API is exposed via OpenHIM. The supported FHIR version is: STU3

OpenCRVS v1.0: June 2022:

a) Adopted the OpenHIE architectural framework by design and FHIR standard interoperability reference middleware OpenHIM - FHIR version STU3.

b) Integrated with DHIS2 to standardise event notifications from a hospital setting for civil registration using FHIR in Bangladesh pilot.

OpenCRVS v1.1: Sep 2022

a) Birth registration integration with MOSIP.

b) Death registration integration with MOSIP.

c) Release of OpenCRVS FHIR standard W3C standard WebSub webhooks for subscription.

OpenCRVS v1.2: Jan 2023

a) Release of the Elasticsearch Record Search API for use as part of a social protection interoperability collaboration the Digital Convergance Initiative.

b) Release of the OpenCRVS FHIR Location REST API for reading, updating and archiving jurisdictions and facilities.

OpenCRVS v1.3 - Planned release: June 2023

a) Authentication and validation of National ID using MOSIP E-Signet consent.

b) Permanent installation of MOSIP integration at the MOSIP Experience Center in Bangalore, India.

d) Core collaboration of the G2PConnect protocol initiated.

e) Integration with Secure Identity Alliance, OSIA standard Birth Use Case

f) Integration with OpenSPP social protection system, using QR code.

g) Integration with INGroupe National ID system.

OpenCRVS v1.4 - Planned release: Sep 2023:

a) W3C Verifiable Credential integration with MOSIP

b) Correct record integration with MOSIP

c) Revocation of a record integration with MOSIP

d) G2PConnect protocol integration v0.1

e) OpenCRVS civil registration related FHIR extensions published

OpenCRVS v1.5 - Planned release: Jan 2024:

a) G2PConnect protocol integration v1.0

b) Integration with the JeMPI Master Patient index v0.1

OpenCRVS v1.6 - Planned release: May 2024:

a) G2PConnect protocol integration v2.0

b) Integration with the JeMPI Master Patient index v1.0