The value of open-source products as digital public goods is that an active community of contributors will help to maintain and grow the product.

We need your support to ensure that every individual on the planet is recognised, protected and provided for from birth.

The Open Source Guides website has a collection of resources for individuals, communities, and companies who want to learn how to run and contribute to an open source project. Contributors and people new to open source will find the following guides especially useful:


Please join our Gitter chatroom if you need to talk to us at any time regarding technical issues, feature ideas, or anything else you would like to share with the OpenCRVS community. If you would like to reach out to our management team, complete our online contact form at

Our values#

As you join the OpenCRVS community, we request that you collaborate in the spirit of our joint values.

We are open#

We are a community. We share what we’re doing - code, designs, tools and ideas, and work well with others.

We are rights-based#

We take every action possible to ensure that no-one is left behind. We are inclusive, don't discriminate and protect as a priority.

We are human-centered#

We put people first. We design with our users to ensure that the system works for them.

We are future focused#

We build for the future. We use proven technologies that can adapt to inevitable change.

We challenge the status quo#

We challenge business as usual. Civil registration systems are broken so we need to think differently and innovate.

We are trusted#

We respect privacy as a fundamental human right.


If you are interested in exploring how OpenCRVS can work for you, contact us by joining the community at