3.2.3 Set up CR offices and Health facilities

The next step is to prepare csv files to import into OpenCRVS all of the offices where civil registration staff work and all of the health facilities where births and deaths can occur in a medical setting.

The facilities you create are saved into OpenCRVS as FHIR Locations.

CRVS_OFFICE is an important location saved into FHIR to map registrations to a specific office. All civil registration employees have a CRVS_OFFICE where they work, and every CRVS_OFFICE is part of an administrative division, ie a "district". The CRVS_OFFICE location provides a way for Local or National System Administrators to manage staff access and for OpenCRVS to record an audit trail of all staff interactions with registrations.

  • The CRVS_OFFICE is also recorded as the registration location for all vital events on the printed certificate.

  • HEALTH_FACILITY is also an important location saved into FHIR to map places of birth and death that do not occur in a private home or other location to a specific health institution in your country.

  • This HEALTH_FACILITY is printed as the place of birth or place of death on a printed certificate where the birth or death occured in that facility.

Note: So that Field Agents can register births and deaths offline, all the health facilities are saved onto the user's mobile phone when installing OpenCRVS. This can represent the largest single initial application load, as there may many thousands of health facilities configured in your country.

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