11. Audit

OpenCRVS's auditing capabilities greatly enhance the accountability of service providers while empowering the detection and mitigation of potential fraudulent activities. It achieves this by storing a detailed log of all actions taken on each record and made viewable to authorised users.

These actions can be scrutinised from two perspectives: the individual record or the user involved. For an extensive overview of audited actions, please refer to OpenCRVS Specifications 1.3: Audit

Record audit



A record is started

Sent incomplete

A record is sent by a Field Agent or Health System incomplete

Sent for review

A record is sent by a Field Agent or Health System complete

Sent for approval

A record is validated by a Registration Agent and sent to the Registrar for approval

Sent for updates

A record is deemed to require updates before registration


A record is updated by a user


a record is Registered by a Registrar


A certificate is printed


A certificate is issued to the informant

Record corrected

A record is corrected by a Registrar


A record is downloaded by a user to view PII and history


A record is archived and removed from workqueues


When a record is reinstated and moved back to its existing workqueue

User audit


Logged in

User logged in

Logging out

User logged out

Username reminder sent

A username reminder was sent

Password reset

Users password was reset

Changed password

User changed their password

Changed phone number

User changed their phone number

Local/National System Admin audit


Created user

System admin created a new user

Edited user details

System admin edited a users details

Deactivated user

System admin revoked a user access to OpenCRVS

Reactivated user

System admin reinstated a user access to OpenCRVS

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