6. Search for a record

Civil registration systems must be able to store, file, archive and retrieve records. OpenCRVS enables users to search by a number of different criteria, reducing the search scope for a better user experience.


A record exist in the system with the status ‘In review’, ‘Validated’, ‘Registered’, ‘Requires Updates’, ‘Registered’, ‘Certified’, ‘Issued’, ‘Archived’


A user choose the search term and enters a query

Standard flow

  1. User choose the type of search (Tracking ID, Registration No. National ID, Phone number)

  2. User enters in search query

  3. If user has a connection then the system will process the search query

  4. Any results are displayed

Post conditions

  • User can then choose to assign themselves to the record and complete the required action

  • User can choose to view the record audit for the record

  • User can choose to view the record (read only)


If the user does not have a unique identifier such as a tracking ID or registration no. then they can use Advanced search.

Advance search lets you search for a record by:

  • Record status eg. Registered or Issued

  • Place of registration

  • Date of registration

  • Using different parameters captured in the form eg. Child, Mother or Fathers details

An advanced search query can also be favourited. Which will add a shortcut to the user’s side nav. This is useful if a user for instance wants to see all records from a District with the status Registered. In a sense this allows a user to create custom workqueues.

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