10. Archive record

Pre condition

  • A declaration has the status ‘In progress’, ‘In Review’ ‘Validated’ or ‘Requires Updates’

  • You can not archive/revoke a registered record. This is planned for 1.4


Declaration deemed to be invalid, duplicate or missing mandatory data that they don’t expect to ever been completed

Standard flow

  1. Registrar or Registration Agent finds record

  2. User clicks on the name of the record

  3. User assigns themselves to the record

  4. User clicks “Archive”

  5. User confirms actions to archive record

  6. Declaration is sent to the Outbox for processing

  7. Once processed the declaration status is updated to ‘Archived’

Post conditions

  • Record audit updated to show that the record has been archived

  • Registrar or Registration Agent can reinstate record if deemed to be a valid declaration again.


When a record is marked as a duplicate by a Registrar then the record status will be changed to 'Archived'

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