18. Comms management

Keeping users and informants informed and update to date is important to keeping the system functioning and registration processed in a timely manner. SMS is currently supported to send notifications to users and informants. Planned for 1.4 we will introduce support for sending emails and WhatsApp messaged.

User notifications

Notifications can be sent to a user for various different reasons:

  • Onboarding

  • Username reminder

  • Two factor authentication codes

  • When a system admin reset a users password

  • When a system admin sends a username reminder

Supported communication methods:

  • SMS

Informant notifications

Notifications can be sent to the informant throughout the registration process to give them updates on progress.

Supported communication methods:

  • SMS

Each SMS notification can be toggled on and off by a National System Admin and the copy can be changed by a developer. Example SMS messages for birth registration:

  • Notification sent to Office

    Your birth registration tracking ID is {{trackingId}}. Please visit {{crvsOffice}} to complete your declaration

  • Declaration sent for review

    Your birth registration tracking ID for {{name}} is {{trackingId}}. You will get an SMS within 2 days with progress and next steps.

  • Declaration rejected

    Your birth declaration has been rejected. Please visit {{regOffice}} with your supporting documents. Your tracking ID is {{trackingID}}.

  • Declaration registered

    Congratulations, the birth of {{name}} has been registered. Visit your local registration office in 5 days with your ID to collect the certificate. Your tracking ID is {{trackingId}}

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