v1.3.2: Release notes


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OpenCRVS v1.3.2 is a patch release which includes a hotfix to the previous OpenCRVS v1.3.1 release. It is to be used in conjunction with a forked country configuration release v1.3.2

Breaking Changes

New features

  • Country config can now expose an endpoint for custom tracking ids POST /tracking-id. The endpoint receives a FHIR Bundle as a payload and returns a tracking id string. #6093

Bug fixes

  • In large countries, background fetching of statistical data caused the client's initial load to slow down considerably. Preloading now only fetches data for Performance views index page #6210

  • Deceased's birth year now calculated from their birthday and not the current year #6196

  • Users cannot submit a record for review if one of the inputted fields has an invalid date format. Incomplete declarations can still be submitted. This is to prevent invalid values from being sent to the backend.

  • Prevent users from going back to "Print certificate" views after they have unassigned themselves from the record.

  • Validate user's language string after they login. Use default language if it's an unsupported language.

What's Changed

  • Ocrvs 6093 by @tahmidrahman-dsi in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6112

  • ocrvs-6191 Use deceased death date to calculate birth by @Zangetsu101 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6196

  • disable review button for validation errors on fields by @Nil20 in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6177

  • Created Discussion template by @euanmillar in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6374

  • [OCRVS-6355] Back button exception fix by @rikukissa in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6357

  • If user has an invalid language in their query parameters when logging in by @wilrona in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6389

  • OCRVS-6412 by @rikukissa in https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/pull/6413

Full Changelog: https://github.com/opencrvs/opencrvs-core/compare/v1.3.1...v1.3.2

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