Field agents

This user is usually a community actor who operates in some capacity at the community level e.g. Community Health Worker, local leader, police

  • Able to create birth and death registration applications using a tablet/mobile device and send these for review by registration staff


The Field Agent sees 3 work-queues to help them effectively manage their workload:

  1. In progress: any draft applications that they have started and not completed. From this workqueue, the field agent can complete and submit the application.
  2. Sent for review: any applications that they have submitted for review (complete with all mandatory information) or for follow-up (without all mandatory information).
  3. Require updates: any applications that they have submitted that have been rejected by the Registrar because something is wrong with the application. The field agent can see what updates are required and can advise the applicant to go to the registration office to make necessary updates.

Example users#

Health Assistant in Bangladesh

Sammi is a Community Health Assistant in Bangladesh. She is responsible for providing maternal and child health care and vaccination services in her community. She is comfortable using the tablet because she already had a smartphone and loves using OpenCRVS in the community: "By offering this service at their homes, this will make so many people's lives easier."


Nurse in Zambia

Maneya Mwansakilwa is a Nurse in Kanyama hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. She provides maternal and child health services in the hospital and in the community. She tells us that a large number of births occur in the community and these mothers often do not visit the hospital for services for their babies, they wait for community visits, "...and so if this process can be brought nearer to the people, it will do a lot of good to them".


Site Map#

The functions available to the Field Agent are visible to the user as per the below sitemap.