OpenCRVS has been a collaborative effort since the very beginning, with Plan International and Jembi Health Systems leading product development. The incubation of the product has been made possible through the generous support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia, Vital Strategies and the Bloomberg Data for Health Initiative, Digital Square, DIAL and Plan International.

Active team#

Let us introduce you to the current team who is thoughtfully bringing the product to life.

Ed Duffus

Edward Duffus: As founder of OpenCRVS, Ed has set the product vision and continues to challenge the orthodoxies of traditional CRVS so that civil registration systems around the world may realise their full potential and ensure that no-one is left behind.

A Wersun

Annina Wersun: Product Owner and Implementation Lead. Annina leads the product team and brings the voice of civil registration users around the world to every product decision.

J PyeFinch

Jonathan Pye-Finch: Research and insight driven, JPF brings human-centred design principles, lean methodologies and collaborative problem solving to OpenCRVS as Design Lead.

Euan Millar

Euan Millar: Technical Architect and Scrum Master. Euan technically designs OpenCRVS and directs the international software development team from London. Euan contributes code across the full stack and developer operations.


Sophie Shugg: Rights-based advisor. Sophie keeps peoples’ rights and protection central in our product and design decision-making processes, ensuring that we protect those we serve.


Mushraful Hoque Anik: Anik works in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a Technical Lead and full-stack Software Engineer. Anik has been heavily involved in the technical design of OpenCRVS.


Tahmid Rahman: Tahmid works in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a full-stack Software Engineer. Tahmid is passionate about iterative, full-stack, test driven development. Tahmid enjoys refactoring and organizing the OpenCRVS code, making it easier to understand.


Sadman Ilham: Sadman works in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a full-stack Software Engineer. While working on OpenCRVS he gained experience in GraphQL, Elasticsearch, & Docker. He is most concerned about the reliability and scalability of the product. Sadman regards this project as a game changing platform for nations.

Honorary Alumni#


Ryan Crichton: Technical Lead and open source enthusiast, mainly interested in node.js and the javascript community. Ryan works for Jembi in Durban, S.A. where he hacks for the greater good on health systems.


Riku Rouvila: Riku is a Technical Lead, full-stack Software Engineer and a popular software development podcast host based in Helsinki.

Design and product thanks must be extended to John Oswald, Isa Jokela-Gomes, George Bevan, Mikkel Nielsen, Alex Crowfoot & Umesh Pandya who were part of the original design team for OpenCRVS.


OpenCRVS has had many contributors. We would like to recognize a few people who have made significant contributions.

Software development:


Technical Advisory Group#

The role of the TAG has been to provide expert technical and strategic advice for the ongoing design, development and operationalisation of OpenCRVS. Members include:

  • Anir Chowdhury, a2i Bangladesh
  • Professor Azad, Director General Health, Bangladesh
  • Manil Lal Banik, Registrar General, Bangladesh
  • Shahidul Islam, Bangladesh Cabinet Division
  • Rezaul Islam, Bangladesh Cabinet Division
  • Chris Seebregts, Jembi Health Systems
  • Raj Mitra, Independent Consultant
  • Philip Setel, Vital Strategies
  • Martin Braatschi, Vital Strategies
  • Alvin Onaka, former Registrar General Hawaii
  • Carla Abu-Zahr, Independent Consultant
  • Don de Savigny, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
  • Oliver Chinganya, African Programme for the Accelerated Improvement of CRVS (APAI-CRVS)
  • Lori Thurell, UNICEF
  • Kendra Gregson, UNICEF
  • Sean Blaschke, UNICEF
  • Nicholas Oakeshott, UNHCR
  • Romesh Silva, UNFPA
  • Alvin Marcello, Ae-Hin
  • Dr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin, Ae-Hin
  • Jonathan Marskell, ID4D World Bank
  • Sam Mills, World Bank
  • Malatela Tuoane-Nkhasi, World Bank
  • Srdjan Mrkic, UNSD
  • Mark Landry, WHO
  • Anneke Schneider, Independent Consultant
  • Rebecca Omana, Organisation of American States
  • Irina Dincu, CRVS Centre of Excellence IDRC
  • Vibeke Nielsen, UNSD
  • Eleanor Carey, Data2X