OpenCRVS uses GitHub as its source of truth. The core team will be working directly there. All changes will be public from the beginning.

Reporting new issues#

We use GitHub Issues if you would like to raise a bug or propose a change or feature. If you just have a general topic of discussion, or would like some technical help, please chat with us on Gitter.

Reporting bugs#

We use GitHub Issues for our public bugs. If you would like to report a problem, take a look around and see if someone already opened an issue about it, or chat with us on Gitter. If you are certain this is a new, unreported bug, you can submit a bug report.

Take screenshots or record your screen. Loom is a great tool you can use to record a video and paste a link to it into your bug. Open a bug report on Github following the guidance.

Reporting security bugs#

Make sure to include a detailed description of the bug. Open a bug report on Github following the guidance.

Proposing a change#

If you would like to request a new feature or enhancement but are not yet thinking about opening a pull request, you can also file an issue with the feature template.

Working on OpenCRVS code#

Contributing code#

Please review the contributing file, clone the repository and submit a pull request. The authors will review the code and merge it in if all is well. By contributing to the OpenCRVS code, you are conforming to the terms of the license.


Detailed installation instructions for setting up a development environment, or deploying OpenCRVS to a server cluster are outlined in the GitHub repo README.